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(28 April 2013) Student Handbook (page-by-page pdf) or (pages-in-booklet form) .

(27 April 2013) Pre-departure briefing slides (pptx) or (pdf).

(7 March 2013) Confirm students --  Semester 3: 33; and Semester 4: 25

We are now into Stage #4

(25 Feb 2013) Funding of CISC has been extended to all SPR students. Thus, the program fee for Singaporean and SPR are the same now at S$1,000.

(18 Feb 2013) Pre-departure briefing has been changed to 25 April 2013 (Thursday).

(15 Feb 2013) Confirm financial support given to: 16 students (Sem 3), and 6 students (Sem 4).

(15 Feb 2013) Pre-departure briefing has been changed from 24 April to 23 April 2013.

(30 Jan 2013) Funding to SPR students of Engineering Science Program S$600 per student.

(30 Jan 2013) ModuleSoochow University is mapped to CH3741: Chinese Studies (4MC).


Currently at stage #4….



Student’s Activity

NUSRI Activity


(in Jan)

By 28 Feb 2013


Email application with necessary attachments.

1. Email subject should be:
      Summer@Suzhou 2013 – my_name_in_full

2. Attachment #1: Duly complete Form A (with a color photo fixed at the upper right hand corner).

3. Attachment #2: Scan copy of your passport with the page showing your nationality and personal details. Validity of passport should be min 9 months.

4. Attachment #3 (if applicable) For Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), please submit proof of SPR (e.g. scanned copy of blue Identity card)



Application received on: ___________


Application approved for: Semester 3   


                                           Semester 4


(in Feb)

Within 5 working days after application has been received.

APPLICATIONS are processed on first-come-first-serve basis. There are fixed number of financial supports to be given to students. It is thus advisable to apply soonest once decided to give it a try.


Funding to S’porean and SPR students (any faculties):   S$850. (25 Feb 2013)



Email to student with acceptance of application and any funding.


Date responded: _________________


Funding amount: _________________



(in Feb)

Within 5 working days of receiving NUSRI’s approval of application


Respond with email to NUSRI on whether to accept the offer of funding and confirm the participation of the program.


To confirm, pay the deposit of S$500 to the National University of Singapore with a cheque (or money order). Cheque (with student’s name written at the back) should be sent to NUSRI Liaison Office (University Hall, Level 5).


Deposit is non-refundable if student subsequently withdraws from the program with no good reason.


Date received: __________________


Cheque Number: ________________




Deposit will be refunded to student if student fails to receive VISA approval from the China Embassy. 


(in Mar)

By early March 2013


Email letter of invitation to students participating in the program.


Date sent: _______________________



(in Mar)

March 2013 (air ticket + travel insurance)



Note: need this before VISA application


Purchase air ticket and travel insurance to China (preferred airport: Shanghai Pudong International Airport)


Email NUSRI on flight information.  Date: ______________


State pick up needed at Pudong Airport.          Yes  |    No



Flight Number/Airport:     __________

Arrival date/time: _________________



Departure date/time: ______________


Flight Number/Airport: ____________


(in Mar)

Upon receiving invitation letter from NUSRI

Apply for VISA to visit China. Keep NUSRI inform once application has been made and its subsequent status.


Application Date: __________________


Approval Date: ____________________


Email to NUSRI a scanned copy of the VISA.




Copy of VISA received: ____________


VISA Number: ___________________



(in Apr)

Upon confirmation of the VISA, air ticket, insurance

Make payment of balance to the National University of Singapore. Send cheque as before to NUSRI Liaison Office (University Hall, Level 5).


Inform NUSRI any preference on roommate: ___________.


Date received:    __________________


Cheque Number: __________________


Amount received: __________________



(in Apr)

By 17 April 2013 (Wednesday)


Email information on venue  / time for pre-departure briefing.


(in Apr)

25 April 2013, 4pm (Thursday)

Pre-departure Briefing

Collect student handbook.


Roommate: _____________________

Provide roommate assignment & handbook.


Provide light refreshment after briefing.



Arrival in China


Student should arrive Shanghai at least 1 day before the start of the program.

Arrival @ Shanghai Date:

Room Number @ Suzhou:



Departure from Suzhou


Inform NUSRI on depart from Suzhou date, and transfer to Shanghai Pudong International Airport if needed.


Date: _________________         Time: _____________



Depart from Suzhou date:



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